"First off, I'd like to offer my condolences to players that this consolidation is affecting personally. That said, Landroval is a warm and welcoming community of players and if you decide to make it your home, we will try to help make this as easy a transition as possible."

Patrix, Leader of Shadowbane
* * * * *

Shadowbane is one of Landroval's oldest continuously active kinships, formed just after launch in 2007. While we could be considered a casual kinship, we have regularly scheduled times on weekends for doing end game (level 100) fellowships and light raiding supplemented with skirmishing, big battles, and lower level group content (50-100) throughout the week, as needed by members.

There are no minimum requirements for participating in groups. Players have their own individual play style and preferences. Some members prefer to level quickly and others prefer to take their time, completing all quests in an area, doing crafting, or just socializing.

While we are not an RP kinship, most members also participate in non quest related activities such as the weekly music events , lite RP & other server activities. If you'd like to take a look at some of the non-quest related things going on this month on Landroval, check this website.

We expect members act in a respectful & tolerant manner toward one another and to others in the game, have a mature and drama free environment, and consist of players from a wide range of nationalities, backgrounds and abilities.

The majority of members tend to be online in the evenings and late night U.S. time as well as all day on weekends.

The kin website is very active and is widely used. Shadowbane publishes a quarterly newsletter that is written by members themselves and that you are welcome to browse and contribute to.

Our kin hall is in the picturesque Falathlorn estates overlooking the river and vendor area. The kinship also owns several residences that hold our large treasury which has high quality armor, jewelry, weapons, crafting materials and other items. These items are free to members. Kinmates are very helpful and willing to craft armour, weapons, potions and other gear for one another.

Much of the area around the kin hall is occupied by members, and Shadowbane owns several homes in the neighborhood held specifically for any members interested in having a home nearby.

Our motto is 'Victory through Solidarity' - we can accomplish anything with our friends at our side, and this carries through to all aspects of gaming!


Players of all levels and classes and abilities.


Kinship Hall, which serves as a gathering place and a neighborhood located near a vendor area where you can purchase items or repair at discounted prices.

Four individual Fully Stocked Vaults: Our four treasury vaults are loaded with high quality armor, weapons, jewelry, and gear for levels 10-100, stacks of crafting materials, rare crit items for crafting and rare class quest items usually obtained only by doing a drawn out series of class quests at level 50. These are free for all members.

Full kinship amenities: Weekly kinship auctions; private chat channel for members & officers; member of a kinship consortium with chat channel available for putting together groups and raids with allied kinships.

Members at all levels, classes and professions; Master crafters available to help you out with armor, jewelry, weapons, potions, etc.

Vent Server Available to all members free of charge....Completely optional and not a deal breaker if you are unable or prefer not to use voice chat.

Banter phone app Available to all members free of charge. A great tool for keeping up to the minute with our website forum posts on your smartphone.

A fully functional (and very active) website which members use to communicate with one another and post help requests.

Quarterly newsletter available via website or email, with updates, calendar w/upcoming events, & articles by members.

We promote from within! If you have leadership experience and qualities and are interested in becoming an officer, be sure to mention that when you apply.

If you have any questions, you can post them here, or visit us at

If you prefer, you can contact an officer in game. We look forward to seeing you online and welcoming you!