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    Trucido Farewell to Windfola

    On March 31,2007, a group of seven players decided to take the step to form a kinship. On that day the founding seven; Mastoras, Takumi, Lord Falcon, Anune, Damoane, Polyhymnia and Annoula formed Trucido.

    As I write this, I look back and I am amazed how the years have gone by. 8 years and the kinship is here, alive and active. They ask me all the time..."Annoula, why, how, what in the world are you doing still playing LOTRO?" "The game is old, no content, no raid, nothing!"

    My response, "it was never the PVMP, it was never the loot, was never the content that kept me logging back in. It was the people."

    It's the "internet family" the Kinship has provided through the years that kept me logging on still enjoying this game with all of them. Of course, the server (Windfola) is an extension of the internet family.

    The server is closing but it was not the hardware that made the server. Once again, it was the people.

    Wish we would all remain together, however that will not be. Now that our server is closing a decision must be made.

    With that, many are asking where we are going and we have made a decision.

    Trucido will be moving to Arkenstone.

    I hope to see many of you at the new server. And remember...

    JOIN THE FIGHT, ITS JUST THE BEGINNING....on our new server Arkenstone.


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    Narlinde ~ Minstrel, Singer of the Lament of Windfola



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