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    Character Copy: AVAILABLE

    Players can copy their characters from Live to Bullroarer using the 'Transfer' button on the LOTRO Launcher

    NOTE: The action of transferring/copying characters will temporarily lock your account. If you attempt to log into the game or the forum before this process is complete, you may be shown a ban notice. This lock should clear within a few minutes at which time you should be able to access the forum and the game as normal.

    Please note, although it is referred to as a 'Transfer' it is indeed a copy - a 'snapshot' is taken of the character at the time the copy is initiated and a duplicate is what shows up on Bullroarer. Your Live character will be completely unaffected and will remain available to you on your Live world once the copy completes.

    Advice to Copied Characters: If you head to the Eyes & Guard Tavern you should stop by Iceman the Map-maker and pick up a reusable 'Eyes and Guard Tavern Map' that will port you back to the Tavern

    Copy Failures and What Can Be Done About Them

    • You are logged in to the same account on Live when attempting to copy through the Bullroarer launcher
    • Log out of Live. You cannot be logged into the account when you attempt to copy
    • The 'Remember Me' option is checked in the Live launcher
    • Removing the check should allow the copy to happen
    • IID conflict as described below: 'An Important Note About Copies'
    • Follow the advice in the section below and try again. If you still cannot copy, then nothing can be done
    • Database conflict between EU and US characters
    • This is still and always will be a thing. Nothing can be done in this case - the character that gets to Bullroarer first will always block the second one
    • You've already copied that character to Bullroarer and deleted it
    • Deleting a character will not allow you to copy it again. See the section below: 'Another Important Note About Character Copy'

    What Will Copy With My Character
    • Everything in the Character's inventory, including Equipped items and those in bags
    • Everything in the Character's Personal Bank and Vault Chests
    • All Quest and Deed information
    • All Titles (that are not related to Kinship or Pedigree), Stats, Ranks, and Reputation information
    • All Crafting Progress and Reputation in Craft Guilds
    • Skirmish Statistics

    What Will Not Copy With My Character
    • Everything in a character's Mailbox (letters, attached items, etc..)
    • Everything stored in a character's Shared Storage
    • Any items the character has posted in the Auction House System
    • Housing information and items (decorations and items in storage containers)
    • Kinship/Pedigree Information (including any decorations or items in storage containers in a Kinship House)

    What Will Copy with Account Services
    • Shared Wallet
    • Shared Storage
    • Wardrobe

    An Important Note About Copies

    Please log in to your copied character on Bullroarer and sell/consume/destroy all items from your inventory and vault that are not bound to the character.

    All these things can be replaced via the NPC’s in the Eyes and Guard Tavern (or a friendly Admin). Here is why we ask you to do this:

    Every item that is on your character is identified in the game with a code called an 'IID'. Every single item is assigned a unique IID. So a stack of 10 Mithril flakes will have a unique IID assigned to each flake. This IID is permanent, and sticks with the item no matter where it goes - from creation when it is looted to a character's inventory to mail to auction house to when it's destroyed when used to craft an item or sold to a vendor.

    When you copy Character A and he has Mithril flakes in his inventory, those Mithril flakes will copy, with their unique IID's, to Bullroarer. Then, back on Live, if the original Character A gives even one of those SAME Mithril flakes to Character B, and then Character B is copied to Bullroarer, there will be an IID conflict and Character B will fail, as two identical IIDs cannot exist on the same database.

    This advice includes all items that may be shared between characters, including those that are Bound to Account.By clearing out your copied inventory as much as possible the chances of this conflict occurring is dramatically reduced.

    Another Important Note About Character Copy

    • If you have copied a character to Bullroarer you will not be able to copy that character again until there is a database wipe
    • Deleting the character will not open up the ability to copy again. When you delete a character a "ghost" of the character remains on the server. This is so if you regret your decision you can petition CS to get the character back. If it deleted completely, we would not be able to offer this service.
    • This also means that copying the character in again is impossible, since as far as the server is concerned the character is still there.
    • So unless you don't want access to your character anymore, do not delete it.
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