For a very long time I have been wanting to make a plugin for this game. The problem is my brain being too shot on learning how to code. Even after following GAren's beautiful scripting guide for noobs (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ins-for-Noobs&), I am still just lost.

My plugin feels simple. I have a Leveling Quest guide (Level 1 - 65) that is in PDF form. All I have been wanting to do is take the guide and code it into a plugin. (i know it isn't as simple as dragging and dropping, duh. This would require building the guide from beginning to start in LUA plugin). It gets annoying to alt-tab or even use the PDF on my second monitor. Things would be much easier (the end product anyways) if I had it as a plugin.

If anyone is familiar with Zygor's Guides, that is what I am aiming for (minus the green 3D arrow, I dont want that). Just a box that is "checklist" based that knows when you have picked up a quest, turned it in, and tells you what to accept next. (Something I hope is simple).

Is there anyone willing to help, or am I late to party?