At 8pm CST/9pm EST on Sunday, 12/27/20, I am running a chicken raid to Minas Tirith, on the Arkenstone server. I've gotten almost all the way there solo and died after an unlucky lag spike in which I lagged into a mob. I was so close! Let's get there together and earn the title of Lord of the Wings when we jump off the top tier of Minas Tirith! Before the chicken raid, make sure to have the chicken quest that gives you 8 hours of session play time. It will take around 3 and a half hours to get from the Shire all the way to Minas Tirith.

In game my main is Sigurostakk. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. If anyone wants to come as a non-chicken, maybe a hunter, to help look out for stealthed mobs that'd be cool too, but it's not an absolute necessity. It can be done easily without freep guides. But feel free to come; the more the merrier!

Make sure to have all the Flying the Coop quests completed in order to unlock the quest required to get the Lord of the Wings title when we jump off!