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I have put together a little drinking game. Drink when a post:

1. Uses the term "money-grab" or claims a change is exclusively to direct players to the store.
2. Announces they've dropped their subscription and/or quitting the game because some long list of grievances.
3. Complains about grind. Two drinks if they're talking about something that is strictly optional.
4. Claims the game is no longer worth playing because an obscure nerf to some skill of one class or raid boss.
5. Claims that some mechanic is not balanced. Two drinks if it's something that was just updated for balance. Another drink if it's the opposite of a prominent complaint about the same mechanic within the last week or two.
6. Insults staff for refusing to address an complaint, especially if there's an answer from a blue name earlier in the thread that they just don't like.
7. Uses the phrase, "Slap in the face."
8. Accuses another poster of being a shill or a fanboy for saying something positive or disagreeing with a complaint.
9. Declares the game is bleeding players and/or dying. Two drinks if enrollment has recently increased.

Don't get me wrong -- I DON'T think we have enough engagement from staff either.
I hope the day never comes that you have cause to complain on the forums for something SSG does that affects your gameplay or something you care about. The forums are our only outlet for a direct link to the developer team through feedback in the form of forum posts.