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    Looking for advice on yellow spec LM

    I have been considering trying to participate in some of the newer 6-man instances. I guess that it is still the case that in 6-man the LM is intended for support and I assume that is predominately yellow spec (I am sure the experts will correct me if I am wrong). The last time I did any semi-serious group stuff on my LM was before trait trees, so I am looking for advice on how to be most useful in the game today.

    I realize my question is pretty broad -- maybe too broad, but I would still love to hear people's thoughts.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I am just getting back to playing LM in instances too.

    Araphorn's guide is pretty good: https://lotrohq.com/yellow-lore-master/

    He shows two trait builds; one Yellow/Red, which is pretty close to what I use, and one Yellow/Blue that aims to trade reduced damage for increased healing in 3-man instances.

    My Yellow/Red goes deeper into Red, ignores Blue completely, and has less points spent on the minor buffs to CC in Yellow.

    One thing that is different these days, compared to the good old days, is that power management is no longer relevant. So don't waste traceries or trait points on abilities that involve power costs or power sharing - they are unnecessary.
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    Yes, you'll mostly be going yellow to boost Fire Lore/Frost Lore/Ancient Craft to their max, with enough blue to get Catmint. Pets have abilities that give extra debuffs these days, some of which are useful, some less so. LMs spend most of their time casting their debuffs on the bad guys, then pulling up their (useful) pets one by one and distributing their debuffs too. Also keeping Water Lore on the tank to help the healer, plus stun immunity if the situation requires. Sometimes a mob needs to be locked down with Blinding Flash too.

    That's for the more difficult stuff. If you're just doing tier 1 of the 3/6 mans, you can just stick to red or whatever you prefer, casting a few debuffs and blowing stuff up. In 3 mans, we're usually expected to be healers, though at higher tiers we can't really heal well enough, so we tend to get left out unfortunately.

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    I run solo and some groups in red/blue and the first row of yellow (1 level each) (https://ilovefriedorc.com/traits/lor...r-UjestRedLine)

    For groups and raids, I run yellow/blue (https://ilovefriedorc.com/traits/loremaster-UjestYellow)

    I used to run solo in blue/red/yellow (https://ilovefriedorc.com/traits/loremaster-UjestBlu)

    See I Love Fried Orc (https://ilovefriedorc.com/traits/) for LM community trait builds, mine are up there.
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