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    Redesign Stable Master - Pathing

    Last night I was trying to figure out how to get back into Mordor to continue a quest chain I have been working on. Since we only have so many slots for milestone skills and mine were nowhere near where I had to go, using the stable master was my only option. For example, I was in my house (Shire) trying to get to "Ruins of Dingarth" in Mordor. I do not keep a good memory of connecting stable masters so the Stable Master UI does help. However, for the 3 minutes as I was planning my visit to Mordor, it felt like I was back in the pre-GPS days such as the 80's when I was a kid and I got to help plan our family's summer fishing trip. I pulled out the map (Stable Master UI), clicked on the dots in Morder trying to find "Ruins of Dingarth", then backtracking to find which stable master close to the Shire got me there.

    I personally feel all major cities should be able to interconnect somehow such as South Bree to Twenty-First Hall or Rivendell to Twenty-First Hall. If that is possible, then when you arrive in a major city, there could be a UI selection to travel abroad or local area. The local area would be as it currently is or my new suggestion, which is pathing. For instance, if I am in Michel Delving, I click on the Stable Master and choose "Travel Abroad". The Stable Master UI opens up and I can then click on any major city I want and travel there using swift travel if it exists. What would make this even better is pathing from major cities to local camps. So I could be in Michel Delving and then choose "Ruins of Dingarth" and it will take me there using the shortest/fastest path or something. If no swift travel exists then it still puts me on a horse and takes me there!

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    You should really check out the Far-Reaching Stable-master in any housing district. It can get you to practically any major hub. This includes Party Tree, Bree Festival Grounds, Twenty-first Hall, all housing districts, and even Magh Ashtu (Mordor). It's nice to use the Travel to Personal House skill and then hop right over to it. If that is too much trouble, you can buy a personal Stable-master decoration for your property.

    I don't think a month goes by without a Stable-Master suggestion thread. Unfortunately, you said "UI". That contributes to anything and everything they can't work on right now. At the bare minimum, they are working on the new Launcher only because it is a small part of a larger project. The most interesting design I have ever seen was this one from February: https://forums.lotro.com/forums/show...23#post8178423

    As for getting to Ruins of Dingarth, there's actually quite a bit of different ways to get there. You can use the Mysterious Door housing port decoration, Return to the Udun Foothold skill, or use any of the "Rider to Mordor" guys inside any of the Mordor Allegiance Halls.



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