I like digging around in the Item Treasury plugin and I found about 50 cosmetic outfit sets that I'm very curious about. I'm assuming they are no longer available or maybe they were prizes for LotRO staff to give out to players. Anyways, all of them share the same tooltip description, "Contains a cosmetic outfit carefully combined and coloured by Starry". I'm also going to assume that these sets are made up of armor skins that exist in the game on their own on regular armor items since it says the sets were "combined". I can't preview all the sets' cosmetics, and yes, they appear to contain cosmetics of the armor items that they are based on, not the actual armor. Some of the sets I can't find previews for in Item Treasury, maybe the name it slightly different, or it never got around to entering the plugin library, or maybe never entered the game. Some of the cosmetic appearances I definitely recognize, but are named after the outfit set, not the item it shares a look with. But if all the cosmetic appearances are indeed based on items that exist in the game I have to say some of these items must be very rare, or possibly no longer drop, or maybe the color variation is so different I don't recognize it from the item the cosmetic is based on, not really sure! So far I haven't found any of them on lotro-wiki.

I'm not going to list all of the outfit sets because like I said, there are around 50 but here are several and I have to say some of these names are great!

Little Beorning Set
Hobbit Archer's Set
Ringwaith Set
Petty Set
Set of the Halad
Prince Imrahil's Set
Dwarf Lord's Set
Goblin Sapper Set
Egg-runner's Set

If you have Item Treasury and would like to look up these outfit sets yourself, tick all rarity off except Uncommon (Yellow) and search 'Starry'
If you want to look up the cosmetics tick all rarity off except Common (White) and search the name of the outfit set

Who is Starry? I did find a LotRO Cosmetics blog called The Starry Mantle and I'm assuming this is the Starry I'm looking for. The blog had a couple LotRO Forum links, but none worked. StarryMantle seems to be a forum account name, but I can't find any posts by them. The blog hasn't posted since 2016 so I'm not sure if trying to contact through the blog is the best option, but it is an option if I can't find out any info here.

When did these sets come out? Did they even ever actually make it into the game?

How did or do you get these?

I'll keep digging around, but I'll get this thread going and maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks for any info in advance! :]